Why Choose HostBuddy?

HostBuddy is a subsidary of BusinessICS International Ltd. Since 1999, BusinessICS operates at three different World-Class Data Centers (Los Angeles, Amsterdam, HongKong). Here's some of the things that set us apart from other hosting service providers:

Founded in 1999


We are around since 1999! We own and manage everything ourseleves. We have over 20+ years of hosting experience. In fact, we start our hosting service before Wordpress and CPANEL even exist.

Solid Team


Our team has excellent knowledge of web hosting, databases, software programming, hardware configuration and administration. All of our 2nd level support staff members are senior software developers and network technicians with at least 10 years of experience.

Solid Financial Status


HostBuddy.com is one of the fastest growing and debt-free web hosting companies in the industry. We purchase and fully own all of our equipment so the savings are passed on to you.

3 World Class Data Centers

Los Angeles, Amsterdam, HongKong


Choose the perfect spot for your site! HostBuddy has datacenters in both United States and Europe and Asia. We give you the option to place your site in the region that best suits you and your customers.

Alchemy Communication
1200 West 7th Street Suite L1-100 Los Angeles CA 90017

Equinix Data Center
Lemelerbergweg 28 1101 AH, Amsterdam Netherlands

New World Telecom
7/F, Prosperity Tower 39 Queen's Road, Central Hong Kong

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  I wound up looking for a new host, and could not have found HostBuddy at a better time. My previous host's reliability was going downhill rapidly, and so far I have had very reliable and quick web server response time. The fact that I have not needed to utilize tech support, all by itself earns the extra 5 star rating, and as well shows that the service is in fact reliable, priced very well, and is a perfect solution for my wordpress site.

Christopher Beck

  Interfaces are very clean and easy to use. SSL, database and file managers really fast with ease of use. Support is great. Ticket system is fast and good. I'm very glad to use them as my hosting services. Keep up the work, guys!

Gokhan Gencer

  I have been trying HostBuddy on free trial and the experience I got is awesome. The support team is always there for me whenever I need them, I never experienced any problem. The control panel is great too and you won't need rocket science to know it. I can manage my website so easily even make a few changes without resubmitting the whole bundle again. HostBuddy is the best.

José Luiz

  I am a developer have been using HostBuddy.com for two months now to host a new website I created. I needed an mySQL database with my website. I am just getting started, so I am not really bringing any money in yet. I want a hosting plan that is inexpensive. So far, my experience with them has been good. I have been able to figure out all of their tools and the website has been up and running. I have made changes to the website and data several times and uploaded the changes without a problem. I am going to stick with them for now.

Max Harris

  I've been evaluating HostBuddy for the past two months. I've found that the service is great and that the value that they offer is worth every penny that we pay. Highly recommendable service. I honstly don't know how they did it with such a low price, but they are definately the best hosting company I've used so far.

Sidney Garcia