How to import an existing SSL certificate to SmarterASP.NET?

Sometimes , you may have got SSL from other provider. Thus you need to import your SSL to your website on our end. Please refer to below instructions: 
1> Case one : Your SSL provider export a .pfx certificate file for you. Then you can import it to your site via your Control Panel --->SSL ---> Import Existing SSL Cert.
Please note that One SSL certificate installation need One static IP for binding. Thus, if you do not own static IP , you may see below warning. That means you need to order a static IP at first.
2> Case two : Your SSL provider could not offer .pfx file but give .cer/crt file instead.
     At this moment , you will need to generate CSR from our server and then send it to your SSL provider to generate .cer/crt file. Our server engineer need to charge $19.95 one time service fee.
     After you get the .cer/crt file ,you can Go to Control Panel --->SSL to import it to your site. Of course, One static IP is needed for One SSL installation.
Below info is necessary for CSR generation , please submit a ticket from helpdesk panel and paste below content there. 
Common name:
Organizational Unit:
Important notice on Common Names:
For, the common name is:
For, the common name is:
For, the common name is:
For Wildcard SSL, the common name is: *